BarnArts and Green Mountain Players
Open Rollicking Comedy, “Noises Off”
Feb. 5 at the Barnard Town Hall

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BARNARD, Jan 22, 2016 – Rave reviews are being lavished on Broadway this winter on a revival of Michael Frayn’s Noises Off. This same comedy, rich with maybe more than a little sexual innuendo, opens Feb. 5 in Barnard. Noises Off will be produced Feb 5-7, 13-14 at the Barnard Town Hall.

Ted Williams of Barnard says: “Last week in Manhattan we attended the Roundabout Theater Company’s revival of Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off.” Although classic farce is not ordinarily my go-to fare, this play is absolutely irresistible. Rolling in the aisles doesn’t begin to describe the audience reaction.”

Look for satire that depicts the back-stage antics of an overly ambitious British director and his distracted troupe of actors as they struggle through a silly British sex comedy play-within-a-play. Expect side-stitching laughter as back-stage conflicts get mixed with on-stage scenes and the whole show (almost) comes crashing down. British humor at its best, the show is sure to surprise you with the depth of hilarity – along with the subtle scent of sardines.

Several evenings of fun in Barnard’s Town Hall are thanks to collaboration between BarnArts and Jo Oliver-Yeager, formerly a BarnArts director but now leading the Green Mountain Players. This is a fourth consecutive year of this collaboration with Oliver-Yeager and spouse Tony Braca, which brings comedy to town in the dead of winter. Riding on a successful track record of fun-filled theater, Oliver-Yeager has assembled a high-energy, accomplished cast to create this upcoming laughter-filled evening not to be missed.

The lead actor is Laine Gillespie who plays the character of Dottie Ottley, a perhaps washed-up actor trying for one more go of success with the play “Nothing On” – the play-within-the-play – where Gillespie’s Ottley’s Mrs. Clackett, the maid, is endlessly confused by entrances, exits, and an endless tin of sardines. Think white-knuckle costume and scene changes as the cast maintains the race-horse pace required to make humor work while their backstage lives fall apart.

Cast List:

Dotty: Laine Gillespie
Belinda: Amye Mason
Lloyd: Mark Alloway
Garry: Brian Bevacqua
Selsdon: Neal Cronce
Tim: Zach Johnson
Poppy: Molly LaFromboise)
Brooke: Allyson Sawyer
Freddie: Michael Resse

Noises Off Production Photos