BarnArts strives to make all of our events and programs available to everyone.

We do not own our own venue, but use existing venues in our community for all our events.

ADA compliance details for each venues is listed below.



Barnard Academy (Summer Youth Theater camp)  is fully ADA accessible, with accessible parking, level entrance, and compliant bathrooms all on one floor.

Feast & Field (Feast & Field Music Series, Summer Plays) is an outdoor location with accessible parking and an accessible bathroom. Food & drink tents, stage, and main viewing/seating area are all on level ground. When events/plays are staged in alternative spaces on the farm, transport will be available to and from accessible parking area.

Woodstock's Town Hall Theatre is fully ADA accessible with an accessible entrance, elevator, and bathroom. For our Winter 2023 production of The Good Doctor, we installed a ramp to facilitate the audience sitting on stage with the actors.

Artistree’s The Grange Theatre (Winter Plays) is fully accessible, with accessible parking, a ramp, and compliant bathrooms. The theater has 75 raised seats, and an additional 9 floor seats reserved for those with mobility devices.

The Hayloft in the Barn at Artistree (Holiday Cabaret) is fully accessible, with accessible parking, compliant bathrooms, level entrance, and an elevator to the hayloft.

Barnard Town Hall (Summer Youth Theater performances, Masquerade, Fall Plays) is fully accessible with parking and a ramp at the rear of the building and an accessible bathroom inside.

First Universalist Church and Society of Barnard (Winter Carols) is our only venue with compromised accessibility. This 19th century church has not been updated and has no facilities, but there is a drop off in the front and a ramp that can be put in place for use with mobility devices.

Other Accommodations


ASL Interpreters - Due to our size and the nature of our events ASL Interpreters are not regularly utilized by BarnArts, but we stay open to their use in the future.  We had an family ALS day with Mr Chris at Feast & Field in 2022 and plan for another one in 2023: July 27: Tommy Crawford & Friends  kids/singer-songwriter


Large Print Programs - Available on request with 24-hour notice.



Please call BarnArts at 802-234-1645 to arrange for accommodations.