Director: Linda Treash
Voice & Text Director: Amy Leavitt

Our Cast

Nobles & Lovers

Hannah Levinger  Hippolyta
Mitch Boyle  Theseus
Mairin Keleher  Helena
Martin B. Copenhaver  Philostrate
Omega Haehnel  Lysander
Peter Malicky  Demetrius
Tapley Trudell  Hermia
Tyler P. Harwell  Egeus


Beatrice Raiken  Mustardseed
Carlene Kucharczyk  Second Fairy
Casey Legler  Oberon
Clover E. Harley  Mote
Dory Psomas Robin  Goodfellow/Puck
Jesse Paige  Fairy (Act II. Scene I)
Leah Paige  Peasebottom
Lois Bangiolo  Chorus Fairy
Micah Paige  Cobweb
Molly Elsasser  Titania
Willow Carr  First Fairy


Aura Paige  Snug the Joiner/Lion
Daniel Patterson  Peter Quince the Carpenter
Jill Clough  Snout the Tinker/Wall
Kate Willard  Starveling the Tailor/Moonshine
Kyle Huck  Francis Flute the Bellows Mender/Thisbe
Ryan Paige  Nick Bottom the Weaver/Pyramus